World Vision

Creating a key messaging strategy aimed at engaging a new donor audience 


World Vision UK were keen to engage their programmes and donor products with a new audience and required external support to help shape that messaging. They had an existing communications team but wanted Jersey Road to bring specific expertise from the sector and an objective viewpoint in how the message should be positioned.

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We initially conducted a number of internal stakeholder interviews to understand the organisational requirements and concerns about repositioning the brand. Following that process we collated those findings and used them to help

shape the tone and content of the key messaging strategy and identify how those new messages could be integrated into upcoming campaigns. 

Creating a strategy around key messages is vital to ensure communications are consistent, clear and compelling across the organisation.
— Gareth Russell



The key messaging strategy provided a strong foundation from which the organisation could speak clearly to the intended audience and consistently across all departments. 

The strategy opened up new channels of communication that we identified as being most effective in engaging with the audience and provided a clear framework for both internal and external stakeholders.

We were able to integrate the messaging intended for the new audiences into upcoming campaigns and many of them saw an increase in engagement as a result.

We really valued Jersey Road’s insight and expertise when it came to developing a new strategy for our identity and brand voice – they work hard to understand their clients, which makes them so great at what they do.
— Chine McDonald, World Vision UK