tyndale house

Harnessing the client's rich history in academia and scholarship, we reviewed and refreshed the corporate message


Founded in 1944, Tyndale House has become a centre for biblical scholarship and theological thinking. The client relies on external funding and there was a need for the overall organisational messages to be reviewed, refreshed and presented in a format that was compelling for the intended target audience.



Initially we did an extensive review of the historical messaging and media activity, and hosted one to one interviews with key staff members. Through this process we sought to distill the values and core messages that the client wished to retain and identify those messages that were to be introduced in the future strategy.

Through this process we were able to consolidate the key messages into a core document and design a pack that would be used to present to potential donors. This was then presented to the executive team and training provided to key stakeholders on how it should be integrated into all communications.

It is vital that we keep the target audience at the front of our thinking when creating key messages. We need to speak in their language and present an offering that is compelling to them.
— Gareth Russell



The key messages were embraced across the organisation and woven into communications that were aimed at the key target audiences.

A fund-raising target was set and the messaging tools that had been created were a key component of the strategy to engage donors.

The funds were found and the projects that Tyndale House had identified as strategic priorities were able to proceed.

At Tyndale House we found that engaging with Jersey Road gave us greater clarity not only in how to convey our message, but also into our own activities. They know how to ask the right questions and is a pleasure to work with.
— Dr Peter J. Williams, Principal, Tyndale House