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Tearfund presented a letter signed by 56 Christian leaders at the COP24 climate change conference in Poland.


Tearfund are big advocates for championing climate change. In 2018, they compiled a letter signed by 56 Christian leaders from across the globe and presented it at the COP24 conference in Poland to a platform of world leaders. The letter called on world leaders to maintain the momentum of the Paris agreement and pushed for more ambition in their thinking on climate change. Wanting to raise awareness of climate change to these world leaders, but also to the UK church, we were brought in to provide capacity to the existing media team and secure significant media exposure.



Working alongside Tearfund’s media team, we gathered background information about the conference, and climate change as an issue. We approached targeted media offering creative features speaking into key themes focused on climate change. We also researched media who would also be in attendance at the conference to set up interviews with Tearfund’s representatives. 

It is vital that we target media and give them creative ways of engaging with our story. Working on a project like COP24 is always a huge responsibility as the issues are so important to all our futures.
— Esther Jolliffe
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We secured coverage from both national and Christian media meaning the campaign was able to reach a broad audience. Through the targeted approach of contacting environmental journalists we were able to secure a BBC World News with our Tearfund spokesperson and another faith leader to discuss why faith groups should be interested in climate change. 

The campaign was well received across sector and national media gaining exposure for Tearfund and the campaign.

Jersey Road are an incredibly friendly, hard-working and skilled team and have a deep knowledge of understand how to package up stories effectively for national and Christian media outlets. Not only were the team focused on driving our media visibility, but they have also been great fun to work with!
— Sarah Greenwood, Head of Media, Tearfund