Mercy uk

Designing and building an effective, responsive, easy-to-use and easy to update website


Mercy UK have been operating for over 10 years, and in that time have seen countless people helped through the support and services they provide. In the last year, Mercy UK launched their discipleship course, 'Keys to Freedom', which has seen a huge uptake from churches and organisations across the country, by men and women alike. Having previously only focussed their support for women with life controlling issues, Mercy UK had a difficulty being understood as a support service for the whole family, both men AND women. Their website was slow, outdated and confusing, focusing on their home for women, no longer representing who they are anymore, it desperately needed a refresh and their messaging needed re-directing.



Whatever platform we used, the new Mercy UK website needed to be easy to use internally and externally, and needed to represent their move forward, looking to serve the whole church, not just women, without forgetting their fantastic heritage, and testimonies of their work, but underlining the new season of Mercy UK.

Utilising Squarespace's easy to use GUI allowed us to create a user-friendly, clutter-free site that would be easy for the staff to update, and allow for the growth of Mercy UK it will see in the coming years. We worked hard to bring fresh imagery that was geared around people, families, movement and fun.

Mercy now has a website that represents them, outlining their ‘why’ and how we as the Church have a role to play that Mercy UK are here to support and encourage.
— Isaac Stott


carlos-muza-84523-unsplash.jpg has seen a huge increase in traffic since the relaunch of the website, but the main goal of the project was to see people engage more with Mercy UK and get to know how they operate and all of the services they provide.

To measure this we can see that the 'spread' fo pages has grown, when it used to be just 'home' and 'jobs' as the clear favourites, now theres a great margin across all of the top required talking points.

Another 'win' for us was that the team themselves could take on the website, run it, update it and feel confident enough to add new pages and postings, which has been a resounding success throughout.

The new site is helping Mercy UK share it's message of hope and freedom.

“You have been game-changers for ChemoCars, we are so lucky to have worked with you!”
— Zach Bolster, CEO, ChemoCars