Following a repositioned business model, we wanted to highlight its social impact to a far wider audience. 


The company has been working for many years helping to raise awareness of the growing UK homelessness crisis through their high quality products. For each pair of socks they sell, Jollie's donate one pair to a homeless charity. As the Christmas season approached there was a need to help raise the profile of the company and introduce a new subscription campaign.

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Working with the founder, we identified a number of potential story lines would work across national and targeted audiences. Having identified the newsworthy angles we developed media pitches that would give the stories the best

opportunity to be picked up. We worked with journalists to create both news items and thought pieces focusing on key themes such as homelessness, social enterprise and British entrepreneurialism.

We love working with organisations that are making a real difference in the work using their commercial skill for social impact.
— Gareth Russell
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We were able to uncover some great storylines that engaged both media and potential customers. The online reach of the campaign was over 3.5 million and estimated active engagement was over 200,000 individuals.

The company experienced its best Christmas season to date with sales at their highest level and consumers were introduced to the innovative "sockscription" product offer with many engaging to have quality socks delivered on a monthly basis to subscribers.

Plans are now in place to develop the key messages and incorporate further stories in future communications.

We’ve loved working with Jersey Road as they’ve taken the time to really understand our DNA. They helped us target strategic relationships and refined our messaging to communicate as effectively as possible.
— Ed Vickers, Founder, Jollie's