Hope for justice

Develop a strategy that told the story of the organisation and positioned the brand in the leadership space


The client was keen to reach a new audience focusing on leadership, millennials and business. The concept was to focus on the story of the organisation, the lessons learned by the CEO and team, and drawing on relational networks, use others in leadership to provide quality content that was targeted. The objective was to raise greater awareness of the organisation through innovative application.

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We approached this project with a view to creating elements that were non traditional PR in order to allow for multiple engagement points. Overseeing the manuscript development, design and publication we project managed to production of the book, "Impossible is a Dare" which included a microsite.

In addition we created a site featuring the CEO, with leadership blog posts (curated through interviews on various topics) and the recording of the successful "Dear 26 Year Old Me" podcast series which included interviews with various leaders in business, sport, theatre, and media.

Approaching a project like this with non traditional PR methods provides both a challenge and an opportunity to reach audiences who had never been exposed to the brand.
— Gareth Russell



The production and launch of the book was well received and attracted commendations from the UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May, TV Adventurer Bear Grylls and author Stephen Fry. The initial print run sold out and the second print run is currently in circulation.

The website and podcast were supported by the creation and servicing of social media accounts and the podcast has been downloaded by thousands of listeners across the world. 

The various PR elements have provided some encouraging media engagement and many regional and national pieces have been secured as a result.

Jersey Road don’t feel like an agency, they feel part of the team. They share our vision, they embrace our culture and most importantly they understand our voice and develop communications that are both authentic and impactful.
— Ben Cooley, CEO, Hope for Justice