ginger vicar & balding bishop

A new groundbreaking YouTube series was to be launched featuring two surfers and one big adventure


A new series featured on YouTube documenting the adventures (and mis-adventures) of the Ginger Vicar & Balding Bishop was to be launched. The series explored themes of faith, friendship and of course surfing and needed a strong launch strategy to gain maximum exposure. 

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Working with the client we planned the initial messaging and how we felt it would gain most traction with media. This was a traditional PR media project and we created a realistic timeline, a robust press release and a pack for media.

Having identified the key media we felt would engage most readily with the concept, we offered them a suite of content that included trailers, images, and interviews. We then co-ordaniated the press to gain maximum exposure.

When a project presents a concept that is a little different from the rest, you know you have a good story to work with. This one was a lot of fun.
— Gareth Russell
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There was a good media pick up as we had expected, because the story was a little different and it gave the media something usual for their audiences.

We were able to secure a number of interviews and beyond that many online, broadcast and print publications ran with the press release and used the additional materials to give a different texture to the presentation of the story.

The audiences reached were reflected in the viewing figures of the first episode and those continue to rise.

We chose Jersey Road because we knew they were experts in the sector. They took time to understand the message and achieved some great media coverage that gave us fantastic exposure as we launched.
— Andy Frost, Director, SJI (and Balding Bishop!)