draft house

This much loved pub chain were looking to launch their latest venue and create a buzz being the go-to location for craft beer


Draft House had developed strong brand recognition within the London food and beverage sector but they were now looking to expand the reach of their venues beyond the capital and branch out into other territories. This was a their first location outside London and they needed a PR partner to create and execute an effective launch strategy.



We met with the team and created clear and measurable objectives that would ensure the launch was a success. We also created a communications plan that was in line with the established brand personality and consistent with the existing

Draft House venues. We then created a targeted and localised PR strategy mixing events, experiential marketing and local media to ensure maximum reach and to speak directly to the target audiences we had originally idenfied.

Working with organisations who are not only clear about why they exist, but also experts in their field provides a great platform for effective communications.
— Gareth Russell



The pre launch events strategy was a huge hit with local audiences - covering the main locations for footfall, we engaged with a large proportion of those within the target audience and made sure we provided follow up incentives for them to visit the new venue.

The opening week was sold out and the place filled to the rafters with folks delighted to engage with Draft House as a brand and their unique offering of craft beer and comfort food.

The venue has continued to enjoy high customer engagement and recently the company was sold to the beer giant, Brew Dog.