Creating a strong brand and strategy to help thousands receive chemotherapy


The founder of ChemoCars had already begun providing a transport service to people needing treatment, paying from his own savings and with no charity experience needed to bring the costly project into the spotlight. For ChemoCars to work they desperately needed to develop a brand, website and communications strategy that people could get behind and support, creating a movement and allowing the supporters to really 'own' the message.



We worked closely with the team, building an understanding of who their 'target market' would be, and how to draw their character, goals and values into the new ChemoCars identity as we designed and developed their brand guide, which then lead into helping them with the UX, design and donor strategies for their website.

We also helped strategise for their first fundraising dinner, designing printed literature and banners as well as outlining engagement and retention techniques and providing continual advice on building strong donor relations, CRM systems and fundraising platforms.

ChemoCars have an amazing service supporting a huge cause, but they desperately needed a brand so that people could get behind and support the incredible work they are doing.
— Isaac Stott



ChemoCars has grown its supporter base exponentially, from literally a single donor, to now thousands of donors, from regular givers to fundraisers, ChemoCars is able to operate from it's donations.

ChemoCars have been featured in The People Magazine, CBS Evening News, NOW THIS and other local news outlets to thousands of people across the United States.

Along with many other opportunities for partnerships, some of the most significant have been crucial backing and support by taxi firms Uber and Lyft.

Support has grown to the extent that they have now opened a second operation in Austin, TX.

“You have been game-changers for ChemoCars, we are so lucky to have worked with you!”
— Zach Bolster, CEO, ChemoCars