Seminar Two: How Key Messages Can Transform Your Organisation

  • Seminar Overview

    Unless you have a clear idea of your vision, your goals, and your objectives, you will not be able to communicate your message and inspire others to become part of your vision.

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  • “The foundation of any organisation’s communications, whether large or small, is a clear understanding of its key messages.”

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  • Practical & Interactive

    In this seminar, we will help you identify your key messages, how they integrate with your communications strategy and how they can help you broaden your audience, effectively source funding and increase your supporter base.

    This one day workshop will provide you with both the theoretical understanding and practical application of how key messaging can and will make your organisation more effective.

  • Key Points

    Outcomes from this session include:

    1. Learn in detail how to formulate your key organisational messages
    2. Understand how they integrate practically with the overall organisation’s strategy
    3. Understand how key messages can be shaped for a number of different target audiences
      (i.e. internal, general public, supporters, donors, media)
    4. Learn how to practically integrate your key messages across each of your different forms of communication
      (i.e. marketing materials, speeches, interviews, press releases, website, social media.)

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