Seminar Six: Press Releases: How to Tell Your Story and Maximise Media Coverage

  • Seminar Overview

    Looking for a cost effective and high impact way of telling your story?

    Many organisations make the mistake of wanting to press release everything they do.

    This often means that you may get a reputation for being boring, your releases will get binned and then even a good story won’t be taken up.

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  • “Writing a good press release that will be picked up and covered by the media is a skill, but one that can be learned easily!”

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  • Practical & Interactive

    During this one-day seminar, we will help you understand and identify what makes news, while learning who your target audience and media is.

    You will learn how to tell your story and have the practical and theoretical understanding of how to write a release, sell it into the media and achieve maximum press coverage.

  • Key Points

    Outcomes from this session include:

    1. Learn how to write a press release, practical techniques and tools
    2. Understand who your target audience and media are
    3. Learn how to manage a photo-call, write a letter to editor
    4. Understand what makes news and what the media are looking for in a story

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