Seminar Seven: Planning for a Crisis – Developing a Communications Strategy

  • Seminar Overview

    Most organisations avoid planning for media crises.

    This is typically because we think a crisis won’t happen to us or it won’t be too bad when or if one happens, it’s someone else’s job or we don’t have the time to plan now.

    However, most organisations that have been through a crisis wish they had planned ahead!

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  • “One of the keys to managing a crisis is planning, helping minimise the risk of any crisis situation.”

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  • Practical & Interactive

    A good and well planned crisis communications strategy can both protect and enhance your organisation’s reputation and credibility among your supporters, the public and donors.

    We bring our experience and expertise to help you and your organisation learn how to plan an effective crisis communications strategy, understand the kind of issues that could bring about a crisis and what resources are available.

  • Key Points

    Outcomes from this session include:

    1. Understand how to plan an effective and robust crisis communications strategy and internal organisational processes
    2. Learn how to identify and address the crises or issues your organisation may face
    3. Learn how to turn a potential crisis into an opportunity
    4. Understand how to handle the media, staff and supporters in a crisis; techniques and tools.

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