Seminar Five: The A-Z of Planning an Effective Campaign

  • Seminar Overview

    Marketing experts will tell you that a well planned campaign is often far more effective than advertising.

    Public relations is different than marketing, which is usually about getting people to buy something, typically with advertising campaigns – Those cost money.

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  • “Public Relations allows for a cost effective but targeted campaign that contributes to increasing awareness of your brand.”

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  • Practical & Interactive

    Once you’ve established the objectives of a campaign the following principles apply; be clear about your message, be clear about your audience, convey your message in a way that will be heard, understood and acted upon.

    We will take you through this one-day seminar, which will provide you with the knowledge, creative ideas and tools to develop, implement and measure your own successful campaign, that will best engage both your audience and donors.

  • Key Points

    Outcomes from this session include:

    1. Understand the key objectives of a success campaign
    2. Learn from start to finish how to develop a campaign strategy
    3. Explore the best ways to measure the success of any campaign
    4. Opportunity for feedback and input from the trainers on your organisation’s current or proposed campaign plans

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