• PR Training

    Jersey Road specialise in providing PR training courses for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Whether you are giving an internal or external presentation or being interviewed by the media, you need to be well prepared, clear, confident and engaging and able to stay on message.

    We have the knowledge, tips, tools and experience to enable you to deal with difficult questions, present your story, brand and company in the best possible way and ensure you deliver a confident message.

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  • PR Seminars

    Our PR seminars are fun, interesting and effective.

    Skills your staff will learn include how to work with the media, spokesperson, planning a campaign and crisis communications training.

    Having well informed, empowered and prepared staff ensures that your company message and brand remain positive, has impact and is consistent – Don’t leave this to chance!

  • PR Courses

    Our PR courses can be delivered on-site or off-site to your team.

    If you have any additional training needs, then please do speak to us about these as we are able to tailor our courses and create bespoke seminars to meet your needs, on time and on budget!

Further details of our PR Seminars

Find out more about our seminars and how to book one.